“The land itself is fantastic and the hospitality even better...”

"I have spent many a holiday in this wonderful part of Portugal, whether it is part of a large group or just as a few. The land itself is fantastic and the hospitality even better. The beach is relatively near, the local towns of Sintra and Cascais a small journey away by car. Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday, exploring the local surroundings or an extensive itinerary that involves volleyball, surfing, horse riding, then this is the place to be! Denise and Jon are superb hosts!"

— Lewis Evans

“...only birds, dogs and the waves making sounds.”

“...a beautiful piece of land in a wonderful area, close to the beach, in the countryside, only birds, dogs and the waves making sounds.”  


"My stay at Quinta Ecosophia was wonderful.

It is run quietly and efficiently by friendly, generous and professional people. They seem to be ready and able to help and they resolve everything with no fuss. They are there all the time and yet I always had time and my own space to fully relax.

I loved the yurt!

After a while of being there I got to understand a little of how the quinta works. Its design and the principles it runs on are quite amazing in my opinion. There is a beautiful energy which permeates the place. I highly recommend anyone to come and to stay here."

Tom Powell


"Having visited Quinta Ecosophia twice now I have had the immense pleasure of being able to see the property develop and grow into the beautiful oasis it is now, through the love and hardwork of everyone involved. It has been my privilege to stay in both the Mongolian yurt and the straw bale house, each with their own charming qualities and to experience the connection to nature that is felt through working with raw materials and spending quality time gardening, while also enjoying the present moment by bathing in the natural pool in the company of lilly pads, baby frogs and a whole ecosystem of life. I hope to visit again in future to witness the no doubt drastic changes that will occur with such a driven and passionate family."


“...secretly nestled between the beautiful pine forests and the breaking waves...

15 minutes walking distance from the beautiful Praia Grande Beach, secretly nestled between the beautiful pine forests and the breaking waves, and part of the Sintra Cascais Nature Reserve Park. The Eco Camp is built according to Permaculture principles. It has a natural swimming pool, vegetable and flower gardens, and over 200 trees.

— Sintrasurf.com.

“...a magical place...”

The land is a magical place owned by special people. I have seen its evolution and its spectacular what has been accomplished. Close by you can find lovely natural beaches, tasty restaurants and Sintra which is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. I have spent a lot of time with the hosts and I can say that they are the kindest most welcoming people. You will have a great time and great memories will be made. 

— James


I stayed in the charming earthship for three weeks in August. Built into the slope, the cob and tyre walls, and quirky features such as bottle glass bricks and the green roof, give it an organic feel, like a hobbit house. Very comfortable and completely self-contained, it has a simple but well-equipped kitchen and a private bathroom with shower. Cool in the heat of the day yet cosy when the nights were fresh, it also has a lovely deck with superb views across the garden and up the valley, with the mini-beach and plant-lined natural swimming pool forming an oasis in this tranquil Eden. -Angela

"The Quinta is a unique, one of a kind, eco-friendly style beach camp, surrounded with pine trees and stunning greenery."

— Sintrasurf.com